Michelle Pier Artist kneeling beside a painting of a Guam TreeHafa adai! My name is Michelle Janean Pier Artist, I am the CEO (Creative Executive Officer) of Creative Indeed, an independent artist and entrepreneur born and living on the beautiful island of Guam.

Painting is my passion. I love to create original acrylic paintings full of bold colors, thick textures, movement, light, and meaning. I love creating imagery that captures the beauty of Guam and the vibrational energy in nature.

I am incredibly grateful to have exhibited and sold hundreds of paintings locally and internationally.

Another passion of mine is organizing community events that inspire creativity. I have worked with hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations through these creative collaborations, and am humbled by the shared vision of positive change in our community through the arts.

I love helping people to reconnect with their own creativity and especially love encouraging people to create their own unique careers doing what they love in a way that is authentic to their personality and lifestyle.

I am the proud mother of two active little boys, I enjoy being in nature, love writing, have been through some crazy life adventures (good and bad), and look forward to a million more memories and adventures.


The #1 way you can support these creative efforts other than by buying original artwork is by becoming a Patron on the Patreon page, a membership platform that allows a more intimate relationship between creators and Patrons. Through this platform, I hope to reach a sustainable level where I can utilize more of my time toward helping others and reaching wider audiences, such as doing talks at schools or with local organizations. I get a lot of requests for these kinds of events but am not always able to say yes. With Patreon, you can help support the continued creation of visual content in a collective effort to uplift humanity through the arts.

PLUS, you also get exclusive access to first views of the latest artworks fresh off the easel, behind-the-scenes content, painting videos of the process, patron-only promos and event invites, AND 30% off all original artwork. Membership starts at as little as $1/month! THANK YOU!