Happy Lunar New Year! 

In honor of the first new moon of the year, today,

I am releasing a special offer that takes me back to how I got started painting again after a long pause, in 2008.

The pieces I created then were simple, intuitive and abstract, inspired by emotions, colors, and energy movement. My process has evolved since then, but still holds the same essence in my artwork. 

I would ask the person receiving the painting to give me a few key words or brief description of what colors, feelings, intentions, or designs they might like in their uniquely commissioned painting. Such as “blue and peaceful,” or “something warm and activating to give me energy in the mornings,” or “purples, grace, something to represent this new stage in my life,” or “earthy colors, metallics, strength.”

Sometimes they would leave it completely to my intuition, and tell me nothing. I still connect with the energy of that person, and paint whatever feels right in the moment.

It’s a fun creative process!

One in which you get to visualize what your painting means to you, how you want to feel when you see it, and then let go of the rest of the process, and trust that whatever image is created, is exactly what’s meant for you. 

So, here’s how it works:

    1. Visualize the intention of your painting, how you want it to feel, what color(s) or shapes come to mind? What do you want this painting to represent for you? Is it an inspiration piece for your career goals? Is it something to remind you of peace and joy every morning when you walk into the kitchen? It’s okay if you can’t visualize anything. It could be one word or a whole paragraph you describe to me (you’ll put your description in the commission payment process below).
    2. Commission your painting by purchasing your piece through the Paypal button below. You are investing in an intuitive acrylic painting on 16″x20″ stretched canvas, for $320. Twelve paintings are available, AND if all 12 spaces are filled, one painting will be chosen at random to be FREE. So that means yours could be free (your payment will be refunded). OH YEAH: Shipping is FREE. 

      Painting descriptive words:
      Your email address:

    3. Check your email for confirmation, and celebrate with anticipation of your new unique creation! CONGRATULATIONS! 
    4. SHARE this page or share the photo from Creative Indeed’s Instagram or Facebook page, because once all 12 spaces are booked, you have a chance at your painting being FREE and getting your payment refunded!  

Once the painting is started, you will receive an email update that your piece is being worked on, and an update again when it is finished and ready for pickup or to be shipped.