Is your child between the ages of 10 and 15? Do they consistently create art? Do they have a passion for art and a desire to explore their creativity further? Are they excited to consider the possibility of art as a career?

If so, get ready for a summer of art cultivation, technique, and inspiration! We are thrilled to have you here!

Led by local artist and entrepreneur Michelle Pier, this program is designed for students who are genuinely and independently interested in learning how to navigate the creative process while developing the foundation for art as a career. This is NOT your typical art camp for kids. It is for those who have expressed a sincere interest in one day becoming a professional artist, or who would like to explore that possibility. This program will not only show students the ins and outs of acrylic painting and the creative process, but also how to approach as a viable business. Students will learn about techniques, supplies, budget, portfolio creation, and marketing. This 6-week program will run on Tues/Thurs 1-4pm above Carabao Brewing in Hagatna, and will conclude with an exhibit. Program starts June 27. Early bird application for registration starts now and ends June 22nd.

To enroll your child, please click the REGISTER NOW button above. Registration will be confirmed upon completion of the program packet and payment. For any inquiries about the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Thank you for your interest, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey of creative expression with your child!


This 6-week Art Camp will be led by local artist Michelle Pier, located above Carabao Brewing in Hagatna, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-4pm from June 27th- August 3rd. The program will conclude with an exhibit featuring selected artworks created by each student.

About the Instructor

Michelle has exhibited and sold hundreds of original paintings locally on Guam and shipped abroad, in addition to organizing community events and classes on creative writing and painting. Born and raised on Guam, she is now raising her children on the island, and hopes to continue sharing her love for Guam, nature, and beauty with the world through her artwork.

I hope to encourage more people, especially the youth, to consider art as a viable and lucrative career. Throughout this program, I will share some of the ins and outs of learning about acrylic painting, supplies, budgeting, navigating the creative process, documenting and sharing work, and even some of the business side of marketing and selling artwork.

Program Mission

Our mission is to provide young people with the space, encouragement, and practice they need to express themselves creatively and to pursue their interests in art. It has been proven that by allowing children to nurture their creativity, they are likely to develop more confidence and better navigate challenges. It gives them an outlet to relieve stress, while developing skills and the potential foundations of a future career in art. We hope to show young people that it is possible to make a living doing something that  you love. We are building healthier communities for the present and future by supporting individual creativity.

Program Description

Creative Canvas Camp is a 6-week hands-on program to be held starting in June 2023. The program will cover the basics of art and painting, including color theory, composition, painting mediums, and techniques. The program will also introduce students to different styles of art, encouraging them to explore and experiment with their own style. They will be exposed to a wide variety of quality materials, so they can get a glimpse of life as a professional artist. Some people get discouraged from doing art, only to find out that they weren’t using quality supplies and tools. A good brush can be a game changer in someone’s experience of learning to paint. The world of art today is full of new and exciting technology, tools, and opportunities. Through this camp series, we give more children and young adults the chance to access these creative skills. 

Students will participate in a series of instructional sessions during the week. They will work collaboratively on art projects, and engage in discussions with Michelle Pier. They will also learn the  basics of how to create a career in art. This will include the development of a portfolio, how to catalogue their work, budgeting for supplies, pricing of artwork, exhibiting and marketing of artwork for sale. The program will conclude with an art exhibition that students will get to exhibit their artwork as well as celebrate their hard work with a fun and festive event. They will get to experience what it feels like to be a professional artist, from their first painting session to the final art exhibit.

Creative Indeed’s Art Summer Camp will be run by an experienced local artist, guest artists, and support staff. The program will be limited to 20 students, allowing for individualized attention and personalized instruction.