Monica Parada- Scentsy

Brissa Field- LuLaroe

Shirley Bridler & Dione Young- Get a Glow On

Paulette Suare- Mannge Pops

Cora Bejado- Sirena Soul Guam

Bernadette Lou Sablan- Tocara Fine Jewelry

Amber Word- Blue Amber Trio

Jeremy Bevacqua- The Guam Bus

Amy Selk- Framed, Etc.

Tim Rock- Ocean Dreams Apparel

Anita San Nicolas- AVON

Richard Cruz- Kwilts ‘n Stuff

Wilson NG- Hong Kong Center

Judith Mosely- Dragonfly Ornaments & Keepsakes

Vai Oudeman- Polynesian Handicrafts

Evelyn Viernes- Peakraft Int’l

Vana Quichocho- Sushiphillic & Teenies

Beatrice Lamb- Paparazzi

Jenna Chaco- Lipsense

Maribel Robertson- Maribel’s Island Merchandise

Anne Lopez- Woof Woof Gourmet Doggie Treats

Lasia Casil- Infinite Charm

Aaren Robistow-Dow- Mary Kay

Raelene Alicto- DotDotSmile Dresses

Ron Castro- Island Icons

Dianna Larimer- Origami Owl

Horst Lemley- Image Creations

Viktoria Sayrs- Artwork

Simeon Palomo- Tropical Art Guam

James Bendo- Bendo Arts

Lorzalyn Artistry- BodyArt

Greg Kerrebrock- Old Guys Rule

Rueben Olivas Photography

Rebecca Garrido- It Works

Patrick Santos- Inspired Creations

Elizabeth Kohler- EAK Creations

Kaysha Tyquiengco & Mariah Edquilane- Crescent Studio

Maria Hendricks- Serena Sirena

Crystal Gingras- Reiki Healing & Massage  & Handmade Gifts, Sage, & more

Chelsea Ulloa- Freski Mom Crafts

Kim Leon Guerrero- Lotus Touch Creations

Mary Rupelly- Mary Rupelly Handicrafts

Nicole Ellison- Radiant Energy

Silvia Rosen- Guam Sitters, Inc.

Victoria Leon Guerrero- University of Guam Press/ Taiguini Books

Holly Rustick- WeGo Consulting, Local Author, Handful of Smoke, Close to the Bone.

Catherine Phelps- The Red Bird Studio

BJ Bell- Caricatures

Kestro Maruame- Handcrafted Carvings

Southern Productions

Local First




Application Form (click to automatically download): 2017HolidayVendorForm
 (if you have problems with the form, email info@creativeindeed.net and I will send you the form)

BOOTH Fee: $75 for inside/pavilion spaces, $60 for canopy spaces. All spaces include shelter, table, and bench/chair.

***$10 extra if you need power access***

1 Registered vendor per business (mostly relevant to distributorship type businesses, such as Scentsy).

Contact information: Michelle Pier, (671)777-1284 or info@creativeindeed.net

Tentative Layout in Progress (subject to change, please note that sections A & D (and E5, E10) are NOT available to vendors, as they are reserved for dining):





(Please choose Inside/Pavilion OR Canopy Space)


*Note that online payment via Paypal incurs a $2 transaction fee
*You MUST email a completed 2017HolidayVendorForm to info@creativeindeed.net to complete your registration.





*Note that online payment via Paypal incurs a $2 transaction fee
*You MUST email a completed 2017HolidayVendorForm to info@creativeindeed.net to complete your registration.

Other info:

*Cash/Check Payments can be dropped off at Jeff’s Pirates’ Cove (789-COVE), or contact Michelle Pier (info at the top of page) for pickup or online payment arrangements. (Make checks payable to Creative Indeed, $25 fee for bounced checks). Vendors must have a business license (even if just a temporary one).

*It is encouraged, but not required, that vendors offer an item from their table to be raffled off during the event. We will promote your table regardless, but contributing to the raffle will add more exposure to your business.

  • You are reserving an approx. 10×10 space inside, porch, pavilion or canopy, includes shelter, table, bench/chair.
  • Power access adds a $10 fee, you MUST bring your own extension cord(s), as long as possible.
  • Neither Creative Indeed nor Jeff’s Pirates’ Cove is responsible for weather conditions on the day of the event. You must bring your own tarp or plastic covering for your table if you are worried about possible wind/rain.
  • Please be respectful of the vendors around you.
  • NO pets or outside food/drinks permitted.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your booth area when you pack up to leave the event.
  • Drink sales and food sales are not allowed unless approved by Jeff Pleadwell.

Important information and how to maximize your booth:

UPDATES: Email updates will be sent out to all vendors on a periodic basis. You can also tune in to the Creative Indeed Facebook page or this event page for updates. Vendor listings will be updated on both, as well as the website event page.

MARKETING: Tell people about the event! Join the event on Facebook, and invite friends and family as well. Share the event through all social media networks, or through email, or print fliers. While the event is being advertised and promoted, it makes a HUGE difference when vendors also do their own marketing as well. If you have any connections to marketing networks, utilize them well!

IMPORTANT: No outside food or drinks are permitted. Food and drinks will be available for purchase all day until 6pm. Vendors are encouraged to avoid the lunch rush of the kitchen, and to please order your food EARLY. ALSO: No pets allowed, sorry!

LAYOUT: The vendor layout is done according to the order of payment received in regards to priority placement. Special accommodations are considered upon request. Layout is not finalized until just prior to event. One table and bench/chair is provided. If you are inside or in the a-frame pavilion your table is either a cement one, or the picnic-style table with bench attached on each side. If you are in the canopy spaces your table will be a standard 6′ fold-out table. It is highly encouraged to bring your own comfortable chair, though you will be provided with at least one chair.

POWER ACCESS: For those who paid for power access, you MUST bring your own extension cord, and the longer the better, as some may need to extend pretty far to reach outlet sources.

PARKING: There will be a designated area for vendors to park. Once you finish unloading for your booth, you MUST move your car to the designated parking area. Update on this to come.

PREPARE: Be sure to have all your items ready to go well before the event date, including all extra supplies that you may need during the event (like pricing, receipt book, pens, bags, containers, table cover, displays, things to cover or tie down items if it gets windy or rainy (I highly recommend some strong string or DUCT TAPE, plastic covers or totes, as it is always a hit or miss with the weather!), a comfy chair if you prefer, business cards, etc.

DISPLAY: Keep it simple but attractive! I highly recommend keeping it simple and clean for the best visual display, and for ease in setup and take-down. Tall lightweight items are likely to fall in windy conditions, so keep that in mind when preparing display racks and the like. Again, DUCT TAPE will be your friend.

RAFFLE CONTRIBUTION: Vendors are not required to contribute an item to the event raffles we will be holding, but it is highly recommended, as we like to talk up your booth when giving away raffle items. It helps to add a business card or something guests can reference to find you if they win your gift.

INTERACTION: SMILE! Guests love a friendly booth. There is always a balance between allowing your guests to freely browse without pressure, and knowing when to strike up conversation about items they may be interested in. Be thoughtful and kind, and don’t be afraid to market your booth. This is how sales are made. Having things guests can participate in (such as a raffle, game, or special offer) make your booth more enticing, and they are likely to spread the word to friends who may be at the event.