Hafa adai! From April 9th-21st this year, I was lucky enough to go on a sailing voyage with my dad (Captain Ken), on his sailboat the Rubicon, along with my brother (Shane), and our friend (Kawika), from Guam all the way up through the Northern Mariana Islands to Pågan, a volcanic island on the northern end of the Marianas chain, 300 miles north of Guam.

We stopped in Rota on the way up, enjoyed the beauty and serenity, then continued on. We cruised up the coastline of Anatåhan on our way up to the mystical land of Pågan, where we anchored and explored for 4 days. We sailed back down south, stopping in Saipan for 2 days before we set sail back home to Guam.

Below are the videos I put together showcasing the adventure. These videos were first posted on my Patreon page to those with a paid subscription, which help support the creation of these videos and more to come. Coming soon will be a photo slideshow.

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WARNING: Some videos may have explicit language.

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