2013 5th Annual Luna Festival of the Creative Arts on Guam

The 2013 Luna Festival has come to a close. Thank you to all who supported! This year the festival was pretty low-key, we had so many cancellations from vendors and performers because of the storm scares we had amongst other reasons. I think those who did come still had a pretty good time though, it was actually really nice, chill, relaxing. The kids definitely had a good time.

And the turnout was still pretty good, we estimated about a few hundred people who came throughout the festival duration.

The weather cleared up beautifully, it was breezy and NICE, couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Families and friends enjoyed roaming the beautiful landscape and beach areas all day long.

Thanks to everyone who came in all your awesome costumes!

Thank you to Bodyarts Dance Studio for your wonderful performance!

Thanks to Rex for the live music all day!

Thanks to Betty Frain for volunteering to host the art station, where kids and adults painted beautiful creations that they could take home, for free! It was a hit throughout the day.

Thanks to Jeff Pleadwell, for hosting for the 5th year in a row, thanks for the great food and drinks as always, and thanks for the awesome bonfire as the evening came to a close.

Thanks to all the vendors who came out:

Guma Mami Inc.
671 Kettle Korn
Gaia Eco Solutions (practical living products)
Get a Glow On (handmade beaded jewelry & watercolor paintings)
Tropical Art Guam (book and creations by Simeon Palomo)
Hafa Hoops (who let people try out hula hooping all day long!)
Polka Dot Nails (creative phone cases and nail decor)
FETCH (awesome and creative accessories for dogs)
Joe Guerrero’s crafts (coconut creations)
Pacific Island Mannge Pops (local gourmet popsicles)
Thomas Torres- showing people how to weave all day long!
Candace’s Knitted Farmers Market Play Food crafts
Kapingi handicrafts
The Guam Nurseryman’s Association
Mission 500 (helping people to get fit and lose the first 10 pounds)
Blas Sbal- Ifit Storyboard Carvings
Glay Paul- Wood carvings and crafts