2015 Electric Island Festival: A night of music, art, lights, dancing & people!

EIF was AWESOME!!! An epic night to remember (my sore legs are reminding me just how hard I danced that night) full of music, lights, art, dancing, and all around badassery. Every DJ killed it with their sets… and I might have a slight girl-crush on DJ Cookie. She freakin destroyed the place. Like, in a good way. At the Creative Indeed live art tent, we painted bodies, canvases, and more bodies. You can check out all the fun below:

IMG_7010IMG_6914IMG_6915 IMG_6917 IMG_6922 IMG_6923 IMG_6925 IMG_6933IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7046 IMG_6934 IMG_6937 IMG_6972 IMG_6975 IMG_6982 IMG_7002 IMG_7005  IMG_7011 IMG_7013 IMG_7015 IMG_7021 IMG_7022  IMG_7048 IMG_70551467282_10103351759718485_7074144505811223999_n11692485_10103351759424075_170254796770541498_n10400044_10103351758515895_2778725659967901857_n11412122_10153005675251239_2125481106962636601_n988572_10153005675211239_942302080639229113_n11703152_1439301639726960_6310615626435414859_n