A Witchy Weekend Retreat With 13 Soul Sisters


This past Sunday I attended (and helped host) a witchy weekend retreat with 12 other magical sisters (so 13 of us altogether) and it was so nourishing and energizing. Exactly what we all needed. We took care of each other by trading gifts.

One gave herbal henna hair treatments (and henna on one pregnant belly). I LOVE my henna! I had her add indigo in mine to give a darker color and it is just perfect for me. So much better than the toxic stuff you get at the salon! She also gave makeup makeovers.  Another did facials and shared her magical tinctures and remedies with us. I brought my art supplies so whoever wanted to paint and take away an artsy creation with them could do just that. I also gave Destiny Card readings to several sisters, and it was such a fun and rewarding process. Each reading was meaningful and accurate. Another was giving reiki healing, and another brought her massage table and gave massages! We were just in heaven.

And since coloring with crayons is not just for kids, we also colored on some mandala printouts. =)

Oh and don’t get me started on the food! We asked everyone to bring their favorite divine dishes, and we were blessed with an abundance of delectable goodies, like homemade truffles, chocolate cupcakes (with spirulina that you’d never guess was in there), garden fresh salads, super nutria-packed apple cake, magically delicious brownies, fresh fruits and veggies, fresh spring rolls with a made-on-the-fly sesame dipping sauce, a potato-leek soup, mulberry mint mojitos, chocolate wine, and more. It was amazing.

It was a very colorful, healing, nourishing, soul-vibing, delicious witchy retreat that none of us will forget I’m sure. We decided to make it a quarterly thing. And why do we call it a witches retreat? Because witches create, they heal, they bless, they collaborate, they nourish. They are not the evil warty creatures portrayed in movies and media. They used herbs and nutritious food for healing, as well as laying on of hands. They came together in circle to perpetuate love, healing, and community. The sisterhood was definitely felt at this retreat. And we thought it was perfect that 13 of us showed up, the auspicious number for “a secret circle”, or coven (group of witches) “back in the day.”

The weather was perfect too. Sunny and breezy, partially cloudy. The retreat was held in one sister’s backyard tropical garden and porch areas, it was beautiful. Then in the late afternoon/evening, some light rain cleansed us and the ground. We stayed awhile longer to mingle and laugh and eat  as kids and husbands began to show up.

Here are some photos to share from the gathering:

retreat55 retreat54 retreat53 retreat52 retreat51 retreat50 retreat49 retreat48 retreat47 retreat46 retreat45 retreat44 retreat43 retreat42 retreat41 retreat40 retreat39 retreat38 retreat37 retreat36 retreat35 retreat34 retreat33 retreat31 retreat30 retreat29 retreat28 retreat27 retreat26 retreat25 retreat24 retreat23 retreat22 retreat21 retreat20 retreat19 retreat18 retreat17 retreat16 retreat15 retreat14 retreat13 retreat12 retreat11 retreat10 retreat9 retreat8 retreat7 retreat6 retreat5 retreat4 retreat2 retreat1 retreat3