Acoustic Attack Guam’s Live Event Featuring Original Local Music!

Big congrats and job well done by Acoustic Attack Guam, on their first big live event featuring original local music at the Sheraton Laguna Resort & Spa. If you aren’t familiar with Acoustic Attack, you can check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel, where Ryan Bustamante and his crew capture the talent of local musicians from Guam.

The event included performances by: The Brows (Mike Napoli, Dan Topasna, Clayton Leonidis, and Jose Untalan) and Resurrection (Chris Boomer, Joe Hernandez, Gene Castro, John Drake, and Pete Castro), and finished off with a surprise performance from Mana’o Company (the creators of “Drop Baby Drop”) visiting island! Our local talent did amazing, sounded professional, and pulled out some really cool original songs. I was genuinely impressed.

Food and drinks were complimentary to invited guests, and the atmosphere was upscale but relaxed. The room was lined with comfy couches, tables equipped with filled Miller beer chests, pupus being handed out periodically by waitstaff, a photo booth section, subtle red and blue lighting, a beautiful stage setup, and two side stages for the cameras to capture it all. You could feel a sense of professionalism behind the event, which I really appreciated. DJ Pogi filled the space between bands with solid chill beats and John “Meta” Sarmiento held down the MC position on the mic.

Overall, it was a lot of fun, the talent was amazing, and the event was very well put together. Bravo Acoustic Attack Guam!

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