Adventures of March Memories in Photos

What a month! It isn’t even quite over yet. March continues to march to the beat of its own drum, urging us all to do the same. So many surprises, travel, simple adventures in nature, risks and rewards, hard work, reflection, captures of beauty, letting go, spring break at the pool, the beach & the park, and family gatherings.

IMG_2824 IMG_2869 IMG_2914 IMG_3050 IMG_3079 IMG_3082 IMG_3090 IMG_3096 IMG_3104 IMG_3105 IMG_3114 IMG_3423 IMG_3506 IMG_3524 IMG_3528 IMG_3548 IMG_3562 IMG_3578 IMG_3583 IMG_3627 IMG_3636 IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3643 IMG_3652 IMG_3670 IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3780 IMG_3781 IMG_3782 IMG_3789 IMG_3802 IMG_3836 IMG_3954 IMG_3956 IMG_3957 IMG_3958 IMG_3959 IMG_3960 IMG_3961 IMG_3962 IMG_3963 IMG_3964 IMG_3966 IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3970 IMG_3971 IMG_3973 IMG_3975 IMG_3978 IMG_3980 IMG_3989 IMG_4031 IMG_4033