Divine Mother

On January 1st, 2016, I created a Divine Mother painting, for myself. I wanted to start the year off by doing something that represented the joy I want to live in my life, by doing what I love. Peace and love begins with me, so I wanted to be sure I kicked off the new year by painting for ME. To fill my soul so that I may have the energy and inspiration to create for others throughout the rest of the year. She is a guiding light for me in my life and art; an abstract image of a goddess, of a mother figure, some see her as Mary or other depictions of this energy.

I have since created numerous commissioned paintings of the Divine Mother, in different variations. The image above is the last painting I created. To follow are the other commissioned pieces I did, as well as some in-progress photos and video. 

To complete the year with the same beautiful energy, I am releasing a special one-time offer of exclusive prints of the latest divine mother painting pictured above. I am now taking pre-orders for signed & framed prints of this special painting. Offer ends January 7th.   


Reserve yours now, limited quantity available!


8″x10″ Divine Mother Print Signed & Framed
+ Pack of 25 Greeting Cards


16″x20″ Divine Mother Print Signed & Framed
+ Pack of 25 Greeting Cards

Time Lapse Video of the painting process from start to finish:

The Original Divine Mother

Painted on January 1st, 2016. View HERE for full story and photos of the painting process from start to finish.


Commissioned Variations