Finally painting for ME. Divine mother goddess painting!

My birthday is 12/12/84 at 12:12pm, and so I’ve always felt connected to the number 12. Another special connection is sharing that birthday (12/12) with my great-grandmother Agueda Johnston, who was a well-known woman here on Guam. While I have never really been much of a religious person, I do have a strong sense of my own spirituality, and feel very connected to my own intuition. I have always felt an affinity to the “divine mother” energy, whether you call that energy: Mary, Guadalupe, Divine mother, Goddess, Mother Nature, Virgin Mary, Quan Yin, Mother of Roses, Black Madonna, Our Lady of Lourdes, Lady of Peace, Mother most merciful, Queen of Peace, Star of the Sea, etc.

Here is my own personal version and interpretation for my own wall, a reminder of love, peace and joy, painted for myself and the world. Of course, I shared it and mentioned that it is not for sale, and lots of people were requesting to purchase this piece! So, I will be painting 12 more originals for sale as part of a fundraising campaign for my new upcoming art studio. I will also offer prints of this piece.

IMG_9623 IMG_9625 IMG_9627 IMG_9633 IMG_9635 IMG_9663