The Biggest Latte Stone I’ve Ever Painted!

So I was up late one night (I think it was new year’s day? or the 2nd?) and decided to just go ahead and paint the giant canvas sitting in my room. Over the course of several hours, the biggest latte stone I’ve ever painted emerged. I have been loving using the crosshatch style of brush strokes recently, so did the entire piece that way. The background started out pretty bold and saturated with rich colors, but I gradually toned it down with lots of gold. I really did like that bold background though, and may recreate it on another canvas. I really love the finished latte stone though, it has a nice feel to it, with a soothing energy, yet a rich history woven into its textured layers and abstract forms.

IMG_9307 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9419 IMG_9436 IMG_9467 IMG_9487 IMG_9513 IMG_9536 IMG_9577