What’s to Come for Creative Indeed in 2016

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Ready or not, here we come! Every day is a new day, and here we are at the start of a new year cycle. It’s important to remember other cycles in our lives though. Rhythms and routines are everywhere, in nature, our bodies, our behaviors.

The way I have built my life in the last 10 years has been based largely on rhythm, and less on rigid schedules. Looking back at my business over the years, I can see that it too has a rhythm. A heartbeat. A soul even.

It is it’s own being, created via my inspiration and actions, relatable to having a child in a way.

When I was at the Uplevel retreat in Asheville last month, we went through a simple clearing exercise and visualization of ourselves and our business. I vividly remember Christine (founder) mentioning “your business’s soul” and that stuck with me. My business has a soul? Hmm.

What is my relationship with my business? How do “we feel” about each other? Serve each other? Respect and appreciate each other? I started to realize more that I could be in relationship with my business.

I realized I could run my business in a way that honors my own soul, because I love and respect my business (and so  its “soul”). I started to reflect on what the rhythm of my business looked like. There was an ebb and flow.

Even the name “Creative Indeed” came about in an inspired moment knowing that it had both the personal touch AND the broad umbrella of “creative” to allow for my eclectic nature. I love variety. I love change and adventure. To honor that in my business was (and is) a big deal!

You mean I could work *with* my own rhythm and still create a successful business? 

All this to say, those of you who have followed my business journey from the beginning may be able to look back and see where things ebbed and where they flowed, in both my art and events.

Now as I approach 2016, and reflect back on the past year (and more), I feel my rhythm shifting once again. There are some things I am letting go of, and new things I’m inviting in to experience. When I get down to the essence of what I want for myself and my business this year, it is like putting up the walls of a house. I’ve got the foundation, and the main pillars, in the form of my values, purpose, art, events & content. Now there are some major aspects to fill in (like the walls), in the form of a studio space and creating a team.

Here are some of what you might (I reserve the right to shift!) see in 2016:

  • MORE ART. Yessssss. I plan to paint a shitload of art this year. More roosters, trees, latte stones, turtles, native plants, I even have a super special awesome themed exhibit in mind connecting with my personal Guam history.
  • More connection with my eZine subscribers. I want to offer more content, more value, more creativity, more ME. I am in a sharing mood this year. You may see some vulnerable content to come! In video and writing. More fun stuff too, but still keeping the quality and simplicity.
  • Creative Sessions: Monthly sessions are temporarily on hold until further notice (possible shift in location), but private Creative Sessions are still available to schedule.
  • Spring Fair: Probably in March, and possibly a focus on local art. Details to be announced shortly!
  • VELOCITY: A program and series of creative retreats that I will be offering to soulful entrepreneurs on Guam. I intend to create an online version of the program as well. First one will be announced immediately, as it will be held in January!
  • Studio! I will move into a commercial studio space this year! This is my goal.
  • Creative Indeed Art Manifesto: I will be putting out an “art book” this year, a collection of my artworks and some written inspirations.
  • Travel! I will travel this year. More than once even.
  • Creating more of a team effort for the annual events that I organize (like the Luna Festival and Holiday Craft Fair), and really upping the creative elements of every event.