Bluem Pacific FILMmaking Creative Waves on Guam

Our Mission

Bluem Pacific” comes unique with a mission to promote culture and positive storytelling through the eyes of our local filmmakers. Bluem also works to provide educational awareness opportunities,in hopes to broaden the skill set necessary for effective and positive storytelling through film.
Stories of culutre, environmental care, values and positive development, are the stories we want to tell our community !

Bluem ?
Blue + Bloom = Bluem

“Bloom” representing the growth stages of a beautiful flower, found only in the islands and “Blue” represents the ocean that connects our people of the Pacific. By fusing both words together, blue and bloom, we get one symbolic word that represents our mission perfectly“To inspire the development of a beautiful community here in the Pacific Islands”.


Hafa Adai Filmmakers and Community Developers !
The BluemPacific Film Community would like to invite you, once again, to another wonderful event in film !!! Please take note, this will be a two day film event:

Two Days: Dec. 10th & 11th, 2012
Time Per Day: 6PM to 830PM

Location: UOG Lecture HallMonday 10th (6PM)
– Special Presentation by Seattle Filmmaker, Alan Certeza
He will be talking about a wonderful new opportunity for Guam; exciting news for all film enthusiasts. So please join us !Tuesday 11th (6PM)
– Short Films submitted by new upcoming filmmakers in our community; lots of fun guaranteed !!!Monday10th & Tuesday 11th (7PM)
– Exciting Filmmaker/Director, Iara Lee of Brazil, submitted two film documentaries, from overseas, to share with our Bluem Film Community. These two valuable and rare films are to be shown for the first time here on Guam. Interesting piece of information, both films were NOT ALLOWED in some mainstream film festivals ! Find out why 😉
Because we can’t show both feature submissions in one day, we’ll be showing one of the following per day. Your vote will determine the showing results!
“The Suffering Grasses” ……(7PM either Mon. or Tues.)
“Cultures of Resistance” ……(7PM either Mon. or Tues.)Please stay tuned and we’ll see you next week !
Saina Ma’ase !

Because we can’t fit both feature submissions in to one day, Beginning at 11:59 tonight (12.8.12) we will be taking a poll on which feature film you would want to be showcased on which day, Monday or Tuesday (10th or 11th)
We’ll be voting tonight on the following, so get ready to make it work for you schedule 😉
Take a look at the films Directed by Brazil Filmmaker: Iara Lee“The Suffering Grasses Official Trailer”

From book to film, awesome job to Paul Sablan Sauget and his talented team. This community film crew is looking to push their production ventures in to the LA field. Join us as we get to talk more about what this crew is up to.
Mortal Confines:
As we work to build this tiny film community here on island, I’m happy to say that within our community network, there is a lot of film productions coming through. BluemPacific is a grassroots initiative that works closely with our local community to help grow this art in promising direction. Special thanks to the Bluem Film Community Network: Guam Cinematographers Guild, GuamTalent, Guam Actors Association & PBS. This is a community effort !
Please feel free to invite those who you think would benefit most from this Bluem filmmaker’s gathering. There are a few film initiatives that are pulling from off island production support. Those initiatives will be discussed during the event. So spread the word to all film enthusiasts.
-Jason Triplett