Creation Spotlight: Abundant Joy Tree, Mermaid in Moonlight, Haggan Recreated

A couple recent paintings I did, the first two were spontaneous, the third a commissioned piece. The “Abundant Joy” tree, was a piece I did as a challenge from a friend on a difficult day. I was having a hard time emotionally and she challenged me to put in into a painting. It wasn’t what I was expecting to show up on the canvas, but there it is. Even though the tree is bursting with abundant joy, it is rooted in dark passionate earthy colors, holding the wisdom of all emotions. The “Mermaid in Moonlight” was an image that came to my mind not long after, asking to be painted. Both “Abundant Joy” and “Mermaid in Moonlight” are 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas pieces. The last piece, “Haggan” was commissioned as a smaller recreation (11″x14″ acrylic on canvas) of the big Haggan piece I did almost a year ago. That bigger piece is still available for sale, currently located at MoSa’s Joint restaurant.

DSC09108 DSC09154DSC09140