Creative Adventures: Horseback Riding & Bonfires + A Cat Adopted Us

This past week I finally made the move to call a local ranch and book a horseback riding lesson. I’ve been wanting to do this for what feels like FOR.EVER. The last time I was on a horse was when I was twelve and helping a family friend groom her horses and help her clean up their manure in exchange for getting to be around the horses and even get on one of them from time to time. I have always adored horses. Always. When I was a little girl I was mystified by their size, strength, power, beauty & grace. I longed to jump on and ride for hours, go on some extended journey. I longed to have my own land with my own horse or two or three.


So this was step in the name of ACTION. Stop dreaming about it and just freaking DO IT already! And so I am. I called Rock ‘n’ Rail ranch, made an appointment, and I went.


And I plan to go again. And again. And again. Until I feel like a natural. One with the horses. I want to feel it in every ounce of my being, like blood through my veins.


I love looking into a horses eyes. So soulful and mysterious.


Haha, someone couldn’t wait to unload the pears from the car.











And it IS the year of the horse, so hell yeah! Time is now.

Here on Guam we’ve been experiencing a lot of wind and rainy days, well it dried up for awhile, mellowed out a bit. Perfect timing to finally light the bonfire that has been piling up in our burn pit.


I love fire.

And the moon just as much.



Cool moonlight by fire warmth.



This cat has adopted our family. It showed up one day meowing nonstop, being quite friendly and waaay affectionate. We fed it and the rest is history.



Aaaaaand nothing like chilling with a friend on a slow weekend: