Creative Henna Hair Color & Body Art

Henna is an awesome herbal hair treatment for conditioning and coloring without using toxic chemicals. Henna is a plant, used for hair dye or as a body art “paint.” It lasts on the skin and hair a few weeks to a month or two depending on individual’s skin and hair type and the henna paste itself.

I’ve had my hair both henna-dyed and chemical dyed. Henna wins hands down. You may not be able to get the same range of colors with henna, but you’d also be surprised at the variety of color you can create with henna. Combining with indigo, otherwise known as “black henna” can give a darker appearance, while straight henna gives more of a reddish color. Plus, coloring your hair with henna has a conditioning effect, it is like having tea in your hair. Smells lovely.

Henna done by Amanda Young, owner of Gaia Eco Solutions.

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