Creative Indeed & Guam Coffee Co. Host Local Art Competition

Wooden frame

Hafa adai!

Creative Indeed and Guam Coffee Co. are proud to announce that we are coming together to bring the local community of Guam a fun art competition. Guam is full of talent everywhere you turn, and we want to give local artists a chance to feature their artwork with the possibility of walking away with a cash prize as well.

March is Chamorro Month on Guam, and this year’s theme is: Plant the Seeds of Our Heritage Among Our Children

We are lining up with that theme for this contest, and we think it is a great one.

Basically, we are calling out to local artists to submit an 8″x10″ artwork + written description to Guam Coffee Co. (across PIC in Tumon) by February 28th, 2014. A selection committee will choose 8 pieces, and the artists of these pieces will then be asked to recreate their work onto a 24″x30″ stretched canvas that will be featured in Guam Coffee Co.’s window panels. Guam Coffee Co. and Creative Indeed will then feature the artworks on their Facebook pages to allow for a “people’s choice” vote to be considered for the winning piece. The winning piece will be chosen by a combination of the the people’s choice vote and the voting committee. The winning piece will be announced and awarded a $500 cash prize at the reception to be held at Guam Coffee Co. on Saturday March 29th.

Here are the contest details:

Who is eligible? 

Local residents of Guam, of any age, but you must be able to complete the artwork yourself. All artists are welcome, provided you can commit to fulfilling the artwork guidelines (see below).

What kind of artworks & mediums are accepted? 

The first step is to submit an 8″x10″ artwork to Guam Coffee Co.(across PIC hotel in Tumon). The artwork must align with the theme “Plant the Seeds of Our Heritage Among Our Children.” Please include a short description of your piece, and how it embraces the theme. Any paint or drawing medium will be accepted, such as acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, mixed media. We will not be accepting photography or sculpture at this time (though we may hold a separate event in the future for our photography and 3-D artists on Guam). You must be able to recreate the artwork onto a 24″x30″ stretched canvas if you are selected as one of the final 8 to be featured in the windows of Guam Coffee Co.

How will artworks be chosen for the final 8 to be featured at Guam Coffee Co.?

A voting committee will review all submissions for consideration. Eight final artworks will be selected based on alignment with the contest theme, originality, creativity, overall quality and skill, composition, and design. Keep in mind that the voting committee, while following these guidelines, may also be swayed by emotional impact, pleasing aesthetics, etc. so don’t be afraid to really go for it, try something new, put your soul into your work. Also keep in mind that these works will be featured in the windows of Guam Coffee Co., so the voting committee will be taking that into consideration when deciding which pieces to choose to be recreated on a larger scale. The final 8 pieces will be decided and announced by March 3rd. The 8 finalists will then have until March 24th to submit 24″x30″ stretched canvas recreation of their work to Guam Coffee Co.

How will the winning artwork be chosen for the cash prize?

The 8 pieces chosen to be recreated to the larger canvas to be featured in Guam Coffee Co.’s windows will be chosen by the voting committee, as well as a “people’s choice” vote taken by “likes” on the Facebook pages of both Creative Indeed and Guam Coffee Co. The voting committee will take heavy consideration toward the people’s choice vote, but the people’s choice vote may not guarantee the winner. From March 24th through March 28th you  can vote via people’s choice. On Saturday March 29th at Guam Coffee Co. we will hold a reception for the announcement of the winning artwork, and the winning artist will be awarded a $500 cash prize.

What happens to the artworks after the competition?

The artworks will remain up in Guam Coffee Co.’s windows, and the artist may choose if he/she wants to sell the artwork, or keep it. We want to promote our local artists by giving them as much exposure as possible. So even if you don’t win the cash prize, you may end up selling your piece, or networking with other people and artists who want to work with you now or in the future.

If you have further questions, please email Michelle Pier at or call (671)777-1284 or email Joe Santos at