FestPac is Here! Historical Moment for Guam & all Pacific Island Nations

FestPac Guam

Once every four years since 1972, a Festival of Pacific Arts (FestPac) is held in one of the 27 Pacific Island nations and territories, to celebrate culture and arts. It is a 2-week event intended to unify the Pacific region by sharing traditions. Thousands of visiting delegates and families, will head to Guam’s capital village of Hagatña at the Paseo stadium, the brand new Guam Museum, the Chamorro Village and surrounding areas designated for FestPac activities. Marine Corp drive in Hagatna will be closed off, and you can expect ongoing performances, demonstrations, and festivities day and night.

Visit the official FestPac Guam Website for the daily schedule of performances and events, a map of the designated festival area, information about the history and purpose of the event, and more.

I fully intend to check out the event on a regular basis throughout the 2 weeks, armed with my camera, hat and shades, mini umbrella, and a small backpack. One of the reasons I didn’t get involved in the event as an artist or vendor is because I really want to experience this festival as an attendee, an observer with the full “visitor” experience. I want the freedom to roam, and of course, go support all my artist friends and local entrepreneurs.

The opening ceremonies weekend is going to be amazing, and there’s a chance I might get to participate by boat! I’m looking forward to checking it all out, and hope you visit the website mentioned above to check out the schedule. Or just roll by anytime!

Keep in mind that there will be alternative road routes and parking. Again, all that info is on the website, and will probably be printed in the local newspapers as well.

My hat off to everyone who has put hard work and creative effort toward this event. I know it isn’t easy, especially as we get down to the wire now!

Have fun and happy FestPac-ing everyone!