Full Moon April 2014 on Guam ~ Beach Adventure

Here on Guam, we didn’t really get to see much of the blood moon lunar eclipse because of the timing and cloudiness. Some friends and I took our kids down to “1st Beach” in Ipan here on Guam. The kids had fun… after they gave up whining about the bugs and fighting with each other for about an hour. I don’t have a fantastic camera to capture the actual moon and it’s amazing details… but here are the shots I got from that evening:

DSC02390 DSC02398 DSC02401 DSC02417 DSC02444 DSC02451 DSC02465 DSC02475 DSC02477 DSC02489 DSC02495 DSC02510 DSC02520 DSC02534 DSC02537 DSC02547