Full Moon & Ocean Creative Magic

What a beautiful full moon we just had! From where I live we get to watch it rise on the ocean horizon. And this full moon falls under the Tumaiguini moon cycle. The other day I caught a few shots of beautiful waves at a local surf spot. No one out! The photos don’t show how fast it was breaking, and just how big the waves are (I’m standing pretty far away up on a cliff), it was about 6-8 ft. It is the simple things in life that really bring the most pleasure. I love the ocean and the moon, and the cycle of life, seasons, rhythms. And I love capturing the beauty that happens visually with these elements. Behold.

DSC00288 DSC00291 DSC00293 DSC00296 DSC00305 DSC00316 DSC00339DSC00256 DSC00257 DSC00258 DSC00261