Fun in Nature & Creative Musings Through Photos

A photo journal of recent fun in nature, creative musings and other adventures captured on camera… these are the simple things in life that make me smile. These are the things that give me joy and peace. And then there are some random shots that are just snippets of life, like the little snaky snake poking his head out of my brother’s washing machine, or the blank kendamas that I get to paint.

DSC00473 DSC00482 DSC00492 DSC00547 DSC00567 DSC00584 DSC00609 DSC00754 DSC00770 DSC00793 DSC00829 DSC00879 DSC01059 DSC01381 DSC01457 DSC01497 DSC01500 DSC01519 DSC01530 DSC01552 DSC01611 DSC01613 DSC01624 DSC01638 DSC01644 DSC01710 - Version 2 DSC01710 DSC01713 Photo on 1-23-15 at 4.15 PM