GAX VII ~ Guam Art Exhibit Opening Night & Talent Town Review

Oh what a night! An epic evening for the books indeed. I stole away my girl Amanda to come with me to the GAX VII (Guam Art Exhibit) opening night and the premier of the film Talent Town, a Muña Bros production. The film is a documentary  about what creative life is like for Guam’s people, offering a diverse collection of perspectives and experiences.

I was very impressed by the production. It was inspiring, it made me laugh, nodding along, and also reminded me of why I do what I do as an artist. It also offers that kick in the ass that some of us may need to really get it together and pursue our dreams to the fullest, right here on Guam. It highlights the struggles as well as the triumphs and solutions that we all face.

The film was of high quality, and I strongly recommend that people from Guam watch it and be inspired and called to action, as well as people who know little about Guam, to be informed and inspired by the real talent and unique beauty that is Guam. You can see more screenings at the GAX showcase throughout the month.

GAX opening night was awesome, great people, amazing art, bumping music and good vibes. I’ll let the photos do the talking from here…


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