Guma’ TASA local Guam coffee shop now open + Featured Artist exhibit

Guma’ TASA is a new coffee shop in Mangilao, Guam. The name means “House of Cups” and it is like a coffee bar, as they also serve wines and spirits. Yummy local treats are available, and Guma’ TASA works to include as many local ingredients on their menu as possible.

Guma’ TASA is located in Mangilao, next to KFC and the Bank of Guam near Public Health. You can check them out on Facebook:

Or give them a call: 969-1190

The atmosphere is great, it is a relaxing but fun place to be. They have plenty of space, and a pool table too.

And of course, the coolest thing, and why I’m writing about them, is that they will be featuring local artists on their walls!

I was lucky enough to be their very first featured artist, and held the housewarming opening exhibit on December 18th. Artwork will be up until January, when the next featured artist will go up, Myracle Mugol. In February we can expect the work of Lucas Storts.

The opening exhibit was fun, we had food & drink tastings, live music by Natalia Faculo, and I held a live art demo where guests collaborated to create an artwork for Guma’ TASA.

Here are photos from the opening event:

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