How to sustain a creative vision and trust the process over time

I believe in almost-instant manifestation, as I’ve experienced it. I’ve also experienced that some manifestations take quite awhile to become tangible. Looking back about 4-5 years ago, I was in a really dark place in my life.  I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, but I could IMAGINE it sometimes. There have been an ongoing series of events, choices & imaginings that have led me to the happiness that is my life now.

Start From Where You Are

Have you ever felt so low, that you accepted the feelings of defeat, despair & hopelessness in your life? I have, and its most definitely not my favorite place to be. But here’s what happened. My desire was still strong, I had the ideal in my mind of what life should be like…and the fact that my external reality was so far off from what I was imagining made me feel angry. And that was a step forward. If I accepted where I was to just be “it” to be satisfied and complacent with it, I probably would have either died or be damn near close to it by now. Instead, I got angry, and that was a step out of despair. Anger has power to it, it has the energy of action in it if we choose to utilize it. And sometimes I did. Every little action moved me forward. I didn’t stay in anger. As I kept imagining “What do I truly want???” ideas would come. Images would come. Hope and positive expectation would begin showing up too.

I made lists of what kind of things brought me joy, even if in the tiniest amount. I kept that vision in my mind. Some days I’d slide back into hopelessness, but that vision of happiness, I held on tight, and some part deep within me, though skeptical, believed that it was possible.

Treasure map that was so FULL that I kept it for both 2010 and 2011!

Saturate Your Life With the Images of Your Truth & Vision

I began creating a yearly Treasure Map (a vision board). I was making my images a bit more tangible you see. And the more we saturate ourselves, our lives, with the images of what we truly want, something funny starts to happen. Our being begins to vibrate at the frequency of the images and feelings we hold our attention to, and we begin to see and feel these things in our physical reality. For me, it was always little things. No, I didn’t suddenly have it all just because I was imagining it. BUT, I would get glimpses. Little tastes of it here and there, and I savored every taste! Sometimes it felt like a tease, but I held on to that vision dammit. I knew the little things that made me happy, and I made the choice, the commitment, to start making them happen for myself.

I began creating my life, on purpose! What a concept.

Look for Things to Appreciate NOW That Align With Your Vision

What started as a collection of images in my mind, became a collection of images and feelings in my life. While focusing on the images of what brings me joy, I collected more of them. I would focus on my everyday magic, the simple things that I enjoyed, regardless of what the labels on my life said I should be experiencing. So while I was in that dark place of external struggle & circumstances, I was also experiencing joy in whatever amount I could. And I worked on myself. I read books, read online, on how to live life with purpose. How to create what you really want in life.

By making a commitment to living with more joy in my life, it turns out that peace wanted to come along for the ride. I began realizing that I wanted to live authentically, while nurturing quality relationships, and living as close to the earth as I could. These things brought me joy. So I focused on them. I paid attention to my feelings, honored them, but they no longer controlled me. I no longer felt held down by the days or moments when despair would return, because I knew enough joy to know that a feeling did not define my life–unless I wanted it to.

My 2012 Treasure Map

Trust the Process. Allow Yourself & Your Vision to Evolve

My vision evolved. Yours will too. Allow yourself to let things go, and trust that if you hold on to the truth in your heart, then your reality will evolve with your vision, with your truth. Keep joy and appreciation in your forefront, and the details will follow. Trust trust trust. Living life on purpose does take commitment. And not commitment to any one thing, person, job, or path. But commitment to your values. What do you truly value? Commit to that. Find ways that you already have it in your life. Write it down, appreciate it, enjoy it, keep your attention on what you love. I promise more of what you love will come along, just be willing to expand your ideas of what that love might look like.

Have Faith & Have Fun!

In retrospect, I regret nothing, and I am damn proud of myself for hanging in there. It has been a rough and adventurous ride, but a wise woman once told me that I knew coming into this life that it would be worth it. That I would learn what I came here to learn. And I am learning, that’s for sure, and I know that this ride has only just begun. But I’m glad I have committed to making it an enjoyable ride, complete with awesome playlists, tools & resources, great food, and great company. We always have choices, even in the darkest of times. Choose truth. Love. Joy. Peace. Whatever makes your heart sing. Have the courage to do what it takes for you to live joyfully. You’ll thank yourself one day.

Love you all, create your vision, and hold that vision in the forefront of your mind, and collect more images like it. Appreciate what is around you. Find the blessings in everything. Saturate your life with the images of what you love, and watch the magic begin to bring some of these feelings into tangible (as well as intangible) manifestations. Make vision boards. Find people who support and uplift you. Uplift others. Open up to solutions. Come alive!