Local Art Coming Soon at New MoSa’s Joint Restaurant Opening on Guam

mosa's hotboxLast week I had the privilege of visiting the new MoSa’s Joint restaurant opening soon here on Guam, to scope out the design and get a feel for what kind of art I will put up on their walls. The Joint is expected to open the 2nd week of August, according to MOnique Genereaux and SAra Pleadwell, the owners of MoSa’s Hotbox, a popular food truck here on Guam. MoSa’s boasts popular favorites like fish tacos, lamb gyros, and an amazing spinach mushroom bleu cheese burger.

 mosa's mosa's hotbox menu









MoSa’s Joint will be featuring local artists on their walls, including Ben Quinata, John Barber, myself, and others to come. MoSa’s also has its own signature artwork, their handmade bar, made by Monique and her father, who is a well-known wood carver and artist here on Guam. It is a beautiful wood, with a mosaic countertop.

Here is a sneak peek of the awesome bar:















Here are some sneak peeks of paintings I’m working on to put up at MoSa’s Joint: