Moving Colors: Korean Contemporary Art Show with Yeon Sook Park

Throughout the month of May, Yeon Sook Park and other visiting artists from Korea’s Foreign Exchange Art Association showcased their artwork at the Guam CAHA gallery in Hagatna. This huge collection of beautiful works is best seen in person, to capture the details, textures and presence of the artists’ pieces.

DSC03977DSC03919 DSC03920 DSC03921 DSC03922 DSC03923 DSC03924 DSC03925 DSC03926 DSC03927 DSC03928 DSC03929 DSC03930 DSC03932 DSC03933 DSC03934 DSC03935 DSC03936 DSC03937 DSC03938 DSC03939 DSC03940 DSC03942 DSC03944 DSC03945 DSC03946 DSC03947 DSC03948 DSC03951 DSC03952 DSC03953 DSC03955 DSC03957 DSC03958 DSC03959 DSC03960 DSC03962 DSC03963 DSC03964 DSC03966 DSC03968 DSC03970 DSC03971 DSC03972 DSC03973