Notes from a Natural Child Health Workshop

Last night I helped to facilitate a natural child health workshop led by Dr. Valerie Simonsen ND (Naturopath licensed in Hawaii, and Shaman). The workshop was held at Nuts & Grains health food store in Tamuning, Guam. There were about 8 of us who attended, and we had questions that ranged from issues with eczema, chronic mucus, hyperactivity, allergies, digestion, pms, and more. Dr. Valerie talked about nutrition, homeopathy, and other alternative remedies.

I took notes throughout the workshop, for the benefit of those who weren’t able to make it for part or all of the workshop. Of course, my notes are not a substitute for the direct wisdom and knowledge from Dr. Valerie, and there is always the possibility that I misheard or misinterpreted something she said, so please research any of the following things before applying in your own life.

The number one message I got from Dr. Valerie, is that children are really good at healing themselves, especially when given optimal nutrition, rest, and healthy outdoor play. The core issue beneath most diseases and conditions brought up seems to be: Digestion.

Healing the gut is essential. From the time a child is in the womb gathering nutrients from mom, until birth and through infancy and childhood, maintaining a healthy gut is the key to health. Any child who has been put on antibiotics, has been vaccinated, or fed formula, is likely to have an imbalanced gut flora, thrown off by toxins and the killing off of healthy bacteria in the gut (the digestive tract). Probiotics (like acidophilus, lactobacillus, etc.) and alkalinizing greens (powdered Spirulina, liquid chlorophyl from alfalfa, etc., fresh greens) are very important for restoring a healthy gut and digestive system. A gut that has become imbalanced is most likely suffering from leaky gut syndrome, or Candidiasis (not the same thing?) from too much acidity (caused by toxins, processed foods, too much gluten, sugar, yeast, dairy, etc).

Try to stay away from overly processed or fatty foods (like many canned goods, too much red meat, refined grains & sugars, artificial flavorings and colors, etc.), be sure to be getting enough protein, and do what you can to limit environmental toxins (like EMF overload from electronics, microwaves, etc. as well as chemicals, toxin cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc.).

Gluten and dairy products are 2 of the most common problem-causers in many cases. Consider releasing these from your diet, especially if you have chronic issues with digestion, mucus, irritability, etc. The list goes on.

Some of the remedies that Dr. Valerie recommends:

*Spirulina, chlorophyl, GREENS (can put in smoothies, sprinkle on food, can put liquid chlorophyl in child’s bath about 1/4 cup, or make popsicles)

*Tumeric (amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, heals practically everything, including pas. Mix in a glass of water, with some honey & lemon)

*Pau d’ Arco tea (can make the tea and then put in a bath for kids, kills viruses, fungal diseases, etc.)

*CASTOR OIL (in caps because it is one of the favorite products she mentions again and again. Rub on child’s belly to improve digestion, heal liver issues, improve sleep, calm down, draw out toxins. Its very sticky and can stain, so put a cotton cloth (or noni or banana leaf) over and plastic over that, or use an old shirt over, leave on for 30 minutes or so). Castor oil is also recommended for many other issues for adults as well.

*Bach’s Rescue Remedy tincture, cream, pastilles (stress, trauma, fussiness)

*Homeopathic remedies & cell salts (to learn more about homeopathy, check out and for cell salts a great book is Natural Healing With Cell Salts by Skye Weintraub)

  • Pulsatilla- for ear infection, yellow/green mucus, whiny/fussiness, inconsolable
  • Belladonna- Heat stroke
  • Spongea- Flu
  • Eupator.Perf- Dengue Fever
  • Arnica- bruising
  • Rhus tox- chicken pox, itchy skin
  •  Cell salt- SILICA- number one recommended for detoxing, skin, hair, nails, foreign objects lodged in body (do not use if you have any implanted objects in body like an implanted tooth, etc.), general wellbeing
  • Cell salt Kali Phos- stress
*For a child with ear infections: Cut out dairy, use warm mullein or flax oil behind ears, or put on cold wet socks on feet, cover with wool socks (I supposed not wool here on Guam??)
*Re: the Wet Sock Treatment, you can research this, there is a lot of info about it, a GREAT remedy for many ailments!!
*Essential Fatty Acids: Important for proper brain/mood function, heals dry skin/hair/nails, etc.
 *Book: Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type
*Elderberry (Sambucus)
*Fever is too high- Chamomile bath
*Protein from hemp, spirulina, greens, nuts, seeds
*Dry skin brushing: Give each child their own little brush, teach them to do it for themselves. Also, here on Guam, we can take advantage of the ocean and the sand for their natural detoxing and exfoliating properties.
*Another suggestion, was to allow children to take the lead. Let them learn about the remedies and intuit for themselves what they need. They love to take on the knowledge and teach it to others. Find nutrition games!
If you would like to contact Dr. Valerie for clarification on any of this, you can find her through these avenues:
  • Valerie Simonsen on Facebook