Private Creative Sessions ~ Host Your Own Art & Wine Night

This last weekend I facilitated one of several private Creative Sessions I’ve offered, and it was so fun! Hosting your own art & wine night in the comfort of your home or business brings a totally different element to the Creative Session. It is more fun and cozy when you are in your own space, as if you are just having friends over for a get-together, but there are a whole bunch of paints and canvas to utilize!

Want to host your own private Creative Session? I will come to your home or office with all my supplies including acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, palettes, and other miscellaneous creative tools. Guests can create 1-3 pieces (I offer a variety of canvas sizes) that are theirs to take home and do as they please; put it on the wall, gift to a friend, or sell it and begin an art career!  Another bonus, I do the cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about the mess.

Private Creative Session fee is $45/person or $40/person for a group of 10+. If interested in booking your own private art party, email or call (671)777-1284

Here are some photos from the session:

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