Thoughts on Creating Eco-friendly Art

So, “eco-friendly art.” I’ve thought about this for a long time, but only now am I feeling a bit more “serious” in bringing it to fruition. I want to create beautiful art that is (more) eco-friendly. I’m thinking nontoxic, minimal waste, and preferably using immediately available resources.

I’ve been feeling called to bring my work to a higher level. To go beyond my limited notions and beliefs about creating art. I mean, I consider myself really open-minded when it comes to art, but when it comes down to the reality of how I am creating my art…it is pretty simple (or limited?). I’d like to expand my horizons when it comes to mediums and materials, while also improving upon the quality of my creations and being kind to the earth.

I admit, I cringe a teeny tiny bit when I imagine making plastic water bottle sculptures or something similar. I’m thinking more along the lines of unbleached hemp canvas “scroll” tapestries that I paint with homemade paint from earth pigments. Whaddya think?

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own paper, and experimenting with making my own plant dyes. I love the idea of growing a “dye patch” in our garden! Something on my mind a bit more local/traditional is coconut leaf weaving. I think I’d like to incorporate it somehow.

Lots to ponder and experiment with! I’ll be sure to share as I create. Stay tuned!

With peace,