Typhoon Dolphin Splashes Guam, Hotel Biz Retreat & Backyard Waterfall Adventure

On May 15th, typhoon Dolphin splashed over Guam, and while it wasn’t too destructive, we were left without power and water for almost a week. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but definitely set me back in my business a bit! Had so much catching up to do, but I did enjoy the unplugged time. Got a little bit of surfing in too. The weekend following the typhoon, I gave myself (and 2 girlfriends) a business retreat at the Hyatt Hotel here on Guam, and then this past weekend we visited a friend’s backyard waterfall.

The retreat didn’t go quite as planned, as one of my boys was sick, so they ended up coming along for the retreat. I decided to let go of my expectations and just roll with it, let it be whatever the weekend needed to be. We’ve all been on and off sick for the last two months, UGH! I did manage to be somewhat productive, and had some relaxation time with my girlfriends and our kids.

This past weekend, a friend invited us to enjoy her family’s backyard river and waterfall. It was AMAZING. How lucky to only have to walk/climb down a hill in your backyard to enjoy such a gorgeous, private oasis.

Here are pics from all the adventures (beware, lots of selfies included haha):

IMG_3744 IMG_3746 IMG_3748 IMG_3774 IMG_3792 IMG_3806 IMG_3811 IMG_3817 IMG_3821 IMG_3831 IMG_3846 IMG_3851 IMG_3874 IMG_3882 IMG_3885 IMG_3888 IMG_3894 IMG_3900 IMG_3916 IMG_3919 IMG_3926 IMG_3961 IMG_3975 IMG_3983 IMG_4053 IMG_4103 IMG_4116 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4157 IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4200 IMG_4215 IMG_4219 IMG_4253 IMG_4375 IMG_4388 IMG_4395 IMG_4410 IMG_4415 IMG_4493 IMG_4506 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4614 IMG_4624 IMG_4657 IMG_4659 IMG_4667 IMG_4720 IMG_4791 IMG_4793 IMG_4829 IMG_4899 IMG_4944 IMG_5014 IMG_5045 IMG_5097 IMG_5130 IMG_5133