• King Lion Charcoal Drawing
    King Lion Charcoal Drawing
    18″x24″ charcoal drawing on ...
  • Figure Drawing 1
    Figure Drawing 1
    An 18″x24″ pencil and charco ...
  • Boxer Dog Drawing/Sketch
    Boxer Dog Drawing/Sketch
    An 18″x24″ pencil drawing of ...
  • Portrait Sketch 1
    Portrait Sketch 1
  • Smoking Sketch
    Smoking Sketch
    An 18″x24″ light pencil sket ...
  • Oil Pastel Drawing
    Oil Pastel Drawing
    An 18″x24″ oil pastel on dra ...
  • Ifit Flower Sketch 1
    Ifit Flower Sketch 1
  • Horse sketch “Day in the Life”
    Horse sketch “Day in the Life”
    A 12″x12″ sketch of horse dr ...
  • Ylang Ylang Sketch 1
    Ylang Ylang Sketch 1
    A notebook sketch of ylang ylang flower, ...
  • Simplest Wave Doodle 1
    Simplest Wave Doodle 1
    Super simple wave doodle.
  • Rooster Paint Sketch
    Rooster Paint Sketch
    24″x30″ acrylic on canvas, w ...

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