Summer Adventures Continue!

More photos from the random shenanigans this summer, ranging from beach days, the Electric Island Festival, book launch painting event for Handful of Smoke, studio painting shenanigans, fun with friends and family, skateboarding adventures, painting on location photoshoots and of course, beautiful shots of nature.

Handful of Smoke: Book Launch & Creative Showcase

Holly Rustick just released her book Handful of Smoke this summer, and I did live art at her launch party. Amanda Young and Myracly Mugol painted live alongside, while other local artists such as Amber Word, Robert Camacho and Claudia Clement displayed works for sale and for auction. Other features were a game of blackjack, …

Summer Adventures in Photos

Summer is rolling by quickly, especially since it started out with a crazy bang when FestPac took over for a couple weeks. It’s all an adventurous blur right now, as we get into the usual summer swing of things. Here are the adventures over the last month or so, as told through photos:

Marianas Yacht Club Holds Sailing Lessons for Kids on Guam

Every summer the Marianas Yacht Club holds a 1-week sailing class for kids on Guam. They learn basic water and sailing skills, jammed into 5 days of fun. My 8 year old son took advantage of the first year they are offering a scholarship to a couple kids based on an essay contest on why …

Summer Fun Activities for Kids & Families on Guam 2013

Looking for some fun ideas for your family to get into this summer on Guam? I’ve done some looking, and here are some of the programs, camps, and other opportunities that I’ve come across: Inetnon Gefpa’go- Manhoben Escape Summer Program                               …