100 Latte Stones in 1 Year: Am I Crazy?

Latte StonesThe last painting I did was of 3 latte stones I painted over an old piece. The old piece was titled “Bubblegum Jungle” and was an abstract splash of red, silver, green, yellow and other squiggly blends. I used silver and gold to paint 3 latte stones over the bubblegum jungle. My personal symbolism for latte stones has shifted in recent years. I have always held a special place in my heart for ancient stones. There is something magical about such a solid material being used so long ago, and lasting for thousands of years for generation after generation to appreciate. They hold such presence.

Local latte stone sites here on Guam are treasured by many, holding a spiritual and material presence all in one space. A tangible display of how our ancestors may have lived, a way to connect to the past by honoring the present and envisioning the future. When I visited Rota, I visited several ancient latte stone villages, and definitely felt a spiritual presence that I’ll never forget.

More recently, at a women’s gathering, it was pointed out that the latte stone is also the shape of the womb and birthing canal, which really touched my heart. I love all things natural and creative, birth being like the ultimate physical representation of creativity.

All together, latte stones have been on my mind and in my heart a lot recently. This painting is not the first latte stone image I’ve done. The Ocean Latte sold at Pika’s Cafe last month. When I entered the Guam Regional Medical City  Art Competition, the image I had in mind involved a giant latte stone.

And just yesterday, as I was sitting and brainstorming as I did my June Check-In journaling, I had this little spark that caught flame quickly as I imagined it. The phrase “100 Latte Stones in 1 Year” entered my mind. At first I thought “that’s insane” and was going to bring the number down, but no other number I came up with felt as satisfying. Something about 100, it is big enough to be freaky and feel almost impossible, but not so big that it actually is impossible. I want to paint 100 latte stones in 1 year.

I love SATURATION. I love immersing myself into a project until I feel so saturated by it that I am happy to let it go and move on.

The end of this month is the deadline to apply for a CAHA grant or fellowship. I might get in on that to help get this project going. I might also look into doing a Kickstarter (or other crowd-funding platform) campaign. And at the end of next year, I will hold an exhibit for my 100 latte stones.

Am I crazy? Probably. And I’m cool with that.

Stay tuned.

Love ya!