A Day in the Life: Living, Learning, Raising Guam

This week I started a Facbeook group called Living, Learning, Raising Guam: Resources & Support for families on Guam. It is a place for parents, families, teachers, and anyone who has great ideas and resources for living and learning on Guam. It is a place to share, to ask questions, to seek support, to find ideas and resources, activities, events and more. If you are interested, join!

I started a photo album called “A Day in the Life” where members can post photos of their families living and learning on Guam. Here are the collages that I uploaded:


Park days, exploring, adventuring, retreating, hiking, playing Minecraft while mom puts up art at Pika’s Cafe.


Beach days, pool days, swimming, finding crabs, and more.


Visiting grandpa’s boat, drawing a good luck picture for a voyage, learning and helping grandpa making spearguns.


Crafting, GAK-making (cornstarch and water!), play dough mayhem, bubble blowing and more.


Endless fun with cardboard, playing chess, cutting and pasting pictures to make “wish boards.”


Playing outside, exploring the jungle, making stick forts, finding cool plants and fungi, going on secret missions.


Finger painting, foot painting, brush painting, painting, painting, and more painting.


Biking at the park, batting at Strike Zone, surfing surfing and more surfing.

Water Balloons

Water balloon fun on a hot beautiful day! Spent 1 hour filling these for 15 minutes of awesomeness. Yes, I got soaked too.