12-12-12 Birthday Magic & Creation Spotlight: LIVE FREE NOW

Big cup of coffee in hand, it’s quite the day today! Already had my Trevo wellness drink, breakfast, played a bit of badminton and “archery” in the yard with the boys this morning. Wrote an extensively fabulous My Everyday Magic post last night. Doing some fun mundane stuff this morning like laundry and dishes. Opened a gift from my parents, got snuggles from my boys.

TODAY is 12-12-12. Not only is it my birthday (and born at 12:12 pm no less lol), but it is an auspicious date PERIOD. From now through 1/15, we get to lay out the template for the coming year(s). Who do we choose to be? How do we choose to live? What do we choose to feel? To create? To allow? To release?

The key to moving forward is GRATITUDE. Not a new concept, but SO important right now, and always, but especially NOW. Look back at 2012, and see, what has it given you? What lessons have you learned? Unexpected gifts you’ve gained? Milestones you’ve reached? Precious moments to remember? What little steps have you taken toward your dreams? How have you grown?

When you are able to look back on challenges with appreciation, you are given a new energy for moving forward. You are no longer dragged down by the weight and pressure of guilt, regret, anger or despair. Release that s***!!!

Not that you need my permission, but it is my birthday, so I can feel entitled to grant you permission to BE YOU. Like, fully. Feel appreciation for who you are, who you’ve become, and you are yet to express. All of it. Release what no longer serves you! Free yourself from toxic thoughts, clean out cluttered relationships, and keep in your life the things/feelings/people/thoughts that are an ABSOLUTE YES. That lift you to your highest self, giving you the energy to in turn lift up others.


Go do that.

Like, now.

I love you. Give yourself the gift of energy, in whatever form makes your soul sing. For some of you, that might mean to take a nap. For others, its to schedule a gig they’ve been terrified to do for years. And others still it is to be present with children. Take a shower. SING. Dance. Clean the house. Go on a cruise. Work in the garden. Stare at the sky for cloud shapes. Write that book today. Build your business. Fold the laundry. PAINT! Read a funny novel. Watch Christmas movies. Start a dinner routine with friends. Take a new class. Say no to things that don’t light you up. Be silly. Be bold. BE YOU.