12/12 Birthday Vortex event at Creative Indeed art studio

12/12 Birthday Vortex: Mission complete!!! A ton of fun was had, creative artisans from our badass Guam community of entrepreneurs pursuing their passions and sharing it with others, it was a perfect evening. I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe an extra working AC, since it got sooooo hot with so many people and only 1 working AC). It was the best birthday ever, to spend in the vortex with some of the most talented, soulful, authentic, beautiful ladies, full of love and service. I feel so lucky and honored to have so many supportive people in my life. THANK YOU ALL so freaking much. 

We had tastings of the Milagro Vineyard Wine (with my art on the label! You can purchase at select Payless Supermarkets) as well as other refreshments, AND along with my original artwork displayed on the walls throughout my studio, here are the 9 other amazing badasses who joined together in the vortex, and following is the photo roll from the night, from my camera and others. 

Holly Rustick– Author of Handful of Smoke, The Break, and Close to the Bone. She’s a creative entrepreneur, grant writer, and amazing single mama! She’ll be showcasing her books, including launching the latest book Close to the Bone. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @ericasandauthor , and can also visit her site at http://www.hollyrustick.com


Dorathina Herrero– Artist, mama and creative badass, she is an amazing illustrator and painter, and will be featuring her print art of the illustrations she did for Close to the Bone. You can find her on Facebook, or on IG @mismunekas or view her portfolio and more at http://dorathinaherrero.com



Joan Awa– Author of Shadows in the Water and Crossing Exes and Finding Ohs, and yogi extraordinaire, this creative badass is a citizen of the earth, traveling, creating, and sharing her love for yoga, healing, and life. She will be showcasing her book Crossing Exes and Finding Ohs. Visit her site at https://www.joanawa.com



Doyon Ahn Morato– Creator behind Zories Only, a Guam-themed greeting card company. She is a mama and a powerhouse in the creative women in business community, showcasing her cards & clothes. Shop online at https://www.zoriesonly.com



Amanda Young– Minimalist Witch and Autonomous, Ink., mama, and otherwise general creative badass, she’ll be offering earthy magic in the way of life and business printables, and potions for living. She and I also collaborate on new adventure called Witches in Business. Find her on IG @bless_and_be 



Pika Fejeran– Amazing woman-in-business powerhouse, mama and restauranteur, sharing her creative talents in the community. Now showcasing her homegrown plants in creative vases, as well as her handmade jewelry line, through her new creative project, Love, Pika



Amber Word– Blue Amber Trio in the house with gemstone wearable art and healing frequencies – stones, jewelry and Guammie gifts that give back. Check out their wares on IG or FB at @blueambertrio, Custom birthstone jewelry and wirewrap rings made on the spot!



Arie Ritten– A creative badass in her own right, talented in so many areas of the arts!! An artist, model and now model advocate, Arie will be offering henna body art to interested guests, showcasing her talent for bringing out your own inner beauty and soul through henna design. Find and support Arie on her Patreon page, or on IG @arieritten      


Meg Tyquiengco– A powerhouse in our community, she is a leader in so many ways; A champion for decades for Guam’s Junior Achievement youth entrepreneurs program, as well as the head of her company Energetic Presence offering leadership and energy coaching, AND she is a talented crafty creator!