2012 4th Annual Luna Festival a Success + Photos & Videos

Hafa adai! So the 2012 Luna Festival was held this past weekend at Jeff’s Pirates’ Cove, and overall the event was another successful outlet for many creative souls on Guam. Several hundred people came to support their fellow artists, dancers, musicians, crafters, entrepreneurs, magicians, poets, speakers, writers, photographers, videographers, and more. 

It’s funny because it was a pretty chaotic day for me (surprise!), but the attendees had good things to say, so for that I am grateful. Many thanks to those who helped to resolve surprise challenges during the event, including those who reminded me to go with the flow, always look for solutions, and to stay positive. We pulled it off for the 4th time. Huge thanks to all the performers who did such a great job, shared their awesome talents with us, and were patient through delays. And more thanks yet to all the vendors who invested themselves in the Luna Festival, to share what they offer and to provide local sources for gifts, goods & services.

Charlie the mysterious magician made his way throughout the event sharing his magic with the crowd. Billy the fire dancing “Zinja” (Zumba ninja…and elementary school teacher no less!!) wowed the crowed with his pyro performance. The Talent Box, Urban Individuals & Fusion Dance center gave fabulous performances filled with skill & creativity. Several attendees took advantage of the open-mic opportunity and shared their poems, music & stories with us. Special thanks to Kaz Endo, who partnered with me as MC for the festival. Thanks to DJ Music Innovation. Thanks to the Guahan Drum Circle, who so graciously shared their beats and allowed the crowd to join in on the drumming!

Thanks to all the kids who showed us all how to have a real good time. Thank you Julianne for all the hula hoops you brought to share with the kids. Thank you Leif Marcellus Losinio for the free yoga session! Thank you Rex for providing us your musical talents.

Vendors that came out this year included: Debra Null (Scentsy), Jennifer Hill (handmade beaded jewelry), Deanna Quitugua (Wire Works ear cuffs), Anne O’Mallan (Quilts & Gifts), Alonika Riley (Little Dagan), Amanda Young (Gaia Eco Solutions), Shirley Brideler (Get a Glow On Beaded Jewelry), Jayne Thompson (It’s Sew Jayne), Doloris (System 4U Beauty Products), Lynette Adams (Crystal Ranch), Jean Pierre Estrellado (Red Dragon gifts, light toys), Baltazar Jerome Bell (Caricatures), Odyessa (Guahan Mommy),

Marilyn Roberto/Franinis/Terra Christensen/Charlotte Hamrick, Rachel Bonafede (Grace Adele), Historic Inalajan, Desiree Nededog & Edward Quitugua (Kaduku Cards), Becki Pembleton (Squee Baby Squee), Brittany Jackson (Avon), Jim & Donna Rhodes (Rhode Island Photography), Lola (Handbags), Jessica Rohr & Antonio Diaz (UOG Anthropology Club), Pauleen Brechtfeld (Pure Palau), Elle Craig (Tarot Readings), Pam & family (original artwork), and of course, Creative Indeed (Original artwork, happy hippy horns, handmade jewelry by Spirit Lala, & Trevo supplement).

After the festival my son asked me, “Mom, how many Luna Festivals are you going to do?” and I responded, “Not sure, how many years do you think I should do it?” to which he replied, “Every year ’till you’re dead!” Well, looks like I’m in for the long haul, ha! We will see about that. This event isn’t easy to pull off, and it really helps if a lot of people show up. =) We have quite a crowd, but I’d like it to expand more. This year I bowed out of mainstream media advertising because all the networks had outrageous rates due to election season. Word of mouth had to be enough. Hopefully some sponsors will be willing to support this event next year, otherwise, I’m not sure how it will continue. Definitely have to think up more solutions and possible angles for this event. It’s a great event and I’d love to see it continue to evolve.

Thanks everyone, here are some more photos from the 2012 Luna Festival. Enjoy!