You Are FREE!

Nothing bars you from the freedom within you.

You are FREE!

Well, you are!

Right now, in this moment (and every moment), YOU ARE FREE. Free to be YOU. Free to love. Free to rise. Free to fall. Free to feel. Free to succeed. Free to be confused. Free to create. Free to destroy. You. Are. Free.

Do you fear your freedom? Do you believe that you are innately “bad” and are not to be trusted with freedom? Well, you are free to fear, and you are free to believe what you want. You are FREE. I’m going to say it a million times. You are free. And so is everyone else.


In every moment, even in the worst most hopeless-feeling moments, you have a choice. You are free to choose. You are free to decide what something means to you. You are free to choose what it is you really want in this life.

What does freedom feel like? When you think of freedom, do you feel relief? Do you imagine yourself in a particular setting? In whatever setting you are in right now, with whomever you are with, feel what freedom would feel like. What does it FEEL like? Peaceful? A smile on your face? A breath of fresh air?

Take a deep breath, release the mental stuff, even as you use your mind to read these words. Feel the freedom in your body.

The past doesn’t matter. Your experiences that have told you that you are not free, that was then. Those who have judged you, they too are free, and they may or may not be aware of it. They may or may not feel it. But they are. And so are you. If someone chooses to push against you, you are FREE to love or hate them. And while your soul may have chosen to experience hatred before, I have a feeling that what you really want to choose deep down is love.

You are free!

I sense some of you saying “Yeah, that sounds great Michelle, but even though I am free as you say, I am still tied to things like the mortgage, the needs of my children, my job schedule.”

And to that I say, you have chosen these responsibilities. You COULD choose not to live up to what you’ve decided a responsible adult should be like. What’s stopping you? Fear of being a bad person. Fear of dying. Fear of being shamed or persecuted. Fear of being alone. If you have responsibilities, it is because you chose them. And you could either choose them joyfully, or choose something else. You are FREE.

“Yeah, but…”

NO BUTS! I have schedules and bills too, and I choose them joyfully. I have released a good amount of stuff that no longer serves me. I know that I am free to stop making my car payments at anytime. But I choose to continue, because I choose to have a car, because I choose to travel around the island in one. I could choose to walk. I could choose to stay in one spot. I ENJOY having a car, and I enjoy making my car payments. (I can’t believe I just said that!) I AM FREE!

Are you getting it? Freedom is a feeling. A state of BEING. All the stuff you’re “tied” to, including old habits and beliefs, they are what they are. You are free to release what does not serve you. You are free to choose what does. You are free to JUST BE.

You ARE love. You ARE peace. YOU ARE FREE.

Take a deep breath in and say it: I AM FREE.

Have a beautiful and freeing day,