7 Insights from my 2nd Uplevel Gold Retreat

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Only a few hours ago, I made it back to Guam from Asheville, NC, where I attended my 2nd Uplevel Gold retreat hosted by Christine Kane and her Uplevel team. The insights are endless, but there are some that really stand out, lessons relearned on a deeper level. I have been participating in the Uplevel programs for several years, starting with Uplevel Your Life and then Uplevel Your Business in 2011, and then I joined the Uplevel Academy Gold program in 2015, and again in 2016. I can’t say enough about what I’ve gotten out of these programs. They have helped me transform so many things in my life and business.

At this 2nd retreat, I had some breakthroughs and insights that I will share here. Some of them may seem obvious, and I “knew” them cognitively, but what a difference to really live and experience these insights as “aha” moments. When it truly sinks in and you “get it” on a deeper level.

  • There is no finish line. We are never “done” in life or business. It is a constantly evolving process, with new lessons every step of the way.
  • Your value, message, and offer are always going to need clarifying and tweaking as you grow in your business.
  • In order to be clear with the above, you need to be clear about who your ideal clients are, down to the finest details.
  • Saying no to clients and projects that don’t align with your highest vision and purpose in your business (no matter how much money or fame they might bring) is the key to your sanity and success.
  • Taking the time to work on both strategy and your mindset are absolutely essential if you want to build a business without burning out.
  • Undercharging in your business not only devalues you and what you offer, but does a great disservice to those you serve as well, because they aren’t getting the best version of you and your service (especially if it comes with the energy of resentment).
  • Creating space is the best thing I can do for myself in my business. Space to create, to rest, to get clear about how I can better serve my clients, to let ideas marinate, to make clearer decisions, and to be able to give my full attention to each aspect of my business.

There were many more insights, and I could go on forever in detail about each of the above insights, but they stood out to me the most. I “learned” these things years ago, but as my business changes and grows, I find myself relearning these lessons on a deeper level. Running your own business is a personal re-decision and re-committment every single day. I love how Christine Kane reiterates again and again that business growth is an ebb and flow trajectory, and not a straight line. While you may feel yourself sliding backward sometimes, you are always moving forward and upward. I find great comfort in knowing this, and encourage you to keep moving, to have faith in yourself and your decisions, and to enjoy evolving in your life and business.