A Spontaneous Date Day With My Son: Radio Show, Library & Playport

The other day my older son was out surfing with his dad and friends. My little one came with me to my monthly radio show and the day evolved into date for the two of us. It was nice to spend some fun time with him, I want to do the same with his brother sometime soon. What a difference it makes to have one-on-one quality time with each child.

Here we are in the radio studio! He thought it was so cool to see all the extensive equipment and wires they use here, and he brought the Kindle to keep quiet and busy while I was on air.



When the radio show was over we headed over to the library. I’ve taken my boys to the library before to get us library cards and visit for the first time. They were not happy, they thought it was boring and just wanted to leave. So this time I thought, since it was just my little man and I, maybe we could try again. And we found some cool books. We had fun reading some funny titles.



After the library, we decided to head over to Playport, an indoor play space. I found a couple of our stamp cards and added up the stamps from all 3 cards, and it added up to 1 free visit, how perfect?!










We ate lunch, got some groceries, and headed home to chill out. It was a great day!