Surfing fun on Guam with the kids


Summer surfing on Guam…definitely not peak season, but great for kids! I still enjoy surfing every once in awhile, but I am also happy to chill on the beach and watch others enjoy the water. I’ve been having fun trying to get some good footage of my son, my little surf grom. He’s had fun the last couple days surfing.

He’s traveled to Hawaii twice in a group to check out the contest experience. He’s also participated in the kids’ contests held here on Guam. He might be going to Hawaii again in July. This kid travels more than I do, wtf?! Nah, I’m happy. He’s getting so much experience and growing so fast, his skills are amazing. He is a natural on a wave.

Not that he doesn’t have it in his blood or anything… My dad and my brother are both well-known long time surfers here on Guam. His dad is a great surfer too.

And he is surrounded by surfer friends in the community here on Guam, so he is well supported in this passion!