A Visit to the Amot TaoTao Tano Farm on Guam

Today my 5 year old and I went to visit the Amot Taotao Tano farm in Dededo here on Guam. A friend is working there part time for an internship, so we went up to help transfer some Shiso plants.

On the Amot Taotao Tano website, it states:

The Amot Taotao Tano Farm is there to try and help provide cultural awareness of the ancient Chamorro heritage healing traditions using our island’s native plants. It is a place where you can learn about your cultural healing traditions. It is never too late to learn your heritage, even if its not, it is a place where you can feel at ease, be at peace with yourself.

From their about page:

Amot Taotao Tano in English translation means, Medicine for the people of the land. Amot Taotao Tano is a farm that grows herbal and medicinal native indigenous  plants. Our mission is to preserve, educate and prevent these native indigenous plants from becoming extinct so that our ancient Chamorro healing traditional practices will continue with the use of these native plants. With our economy having all these build ups, our native plants are being destroyed or access to these plants are harder to get and then our ancient Chamorro healing tradition slowly dies because there aren’t any native plants that we could find. Amot Taotao Tano is there for the Community, our Suruhano/Suruhana (traditional healers) and most especially our future generations. Our medicinal garden not only has healing plants, but plants that help with some of our islands major Non-Communicable Diseases that are affecting our people on Guam and in the Marianas.

Here are some photos from our adventure today:

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