Creative Spotlight: Flower Emerging: Painting in Progress Outdoors

Since I haven’t ordered any large stretched canvas lately, I went to Ross to pick up some big print pieces on clearance to paint over. The canvas is not as high quality as the ones I usually order, but I use thick layers of acrylic paint, so it reinforces the whole piece anyway.

It was SUCH a gorgeous day, I decided to lug my big heavy easel and paint supplies outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery as I paint. I loved it. I won’t do that very often with big pieces like this, so it was cool to change things up a bit. I started coming up with excuses as soon as I had the urge, “Hmm, it might rain, maybe this is not a good idea” (hardly a cloud in the sky), “This is so heavy, then I’ll have to carry it back in, ugh” (not a big deal, 10 minute ordeal roundtrip, and I’m pretty strong). JUST DO IT. Go with that initial urge of excitement and desire.

This particular canvas was one of a greyscale city scene. I love how color gradually takes it over. Got some cool shots of my supplies too.

Here are the photos of what transpired (by the way the first photo is of an old green plastic table we have outside that has been transformed by both adults and children into a chalkboard art display):

DSC05248 DSC05250 DSC05251 DSC05257 DSC05261 DSC05262 DSC05263 DSC05266 DSC05268 DSC05269 DSC05272 DSC05275 DSC05282