Talofofo Bay Family Beach Day

The awesome thing about working for yourself, making your own schedule, AND homeschooling, means we get to go to the beach any day we want, and we can avoid the weekend crowds if we wish. So on a quiet Wednesday, we headed down to Talofofo Bay for a family beach day. Some friends came down too, and were also giving a surf lesson for a couple guys visiting Guam. I surfed too, and had a great time. No photos of me surfing though, since I had the camera. Maybe someone else got one, not sure.

Anywho, it was a rainy gray day, and we had fun. We also saw my dad on the boat over at the Jungle Riverboat Cruise where he works part time. Here are the photos:

DSC05197 DSC05199 DSC05201 DSC05202 DSC05204 DSC05207 DSC05208 DSC05213 DSC05217 DSC05222 DSC05224 DSC05226 DSC05228 DSC05229 DSC05231 DSC05233 DSC05234 DSC05239