Creative Learning & Exploring: Hiking Talofofo Caves

Earlier this week we spontaneously decided to finally check out the Talofofo caves. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, and my boys recently expressed an interest in going up there. It was awesome! I forgot just how many caves there are, and what a cool adventure it is to explore. We will definitely be going again.

The kids loved exploring the dark caves, squeezing through tight crevices & spotting crystals. We designated one area “crystal cavern” and declared that we wanted to live there. We pondered what that would be like. How would we store food? There wasn’t much air flow in that cavern, we’d definitely want some kind of battery-powered fan, or just a hand fan. Who would sleep where? What if we grew while staying in the cave, and then couldn’t get out the tight crevice?

It was fun watching my boys do things that were both difficult and scary for them, as well as the fun and easy parts. Somehow when you are with friends it is easier to take risks, like the fear is magically overridden by excitement.

Caves are awesome.

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