All of Me: Fully Loving and Accepting Yourself

An affirmation for you today: “I love all of me.” All of your being, the light, the dark, the pretty, the ugly… neat n tidy, chaotic & messy, clean, dirty, happy, sad, angry, confused, ecstatic, grateful, creative, boring, loud, quiet, steady, shaky, nervous, confident, passive, assertive, stubborn, wild, calm, passionate, placid, giving, greedy, desiring, soulful, flowing, bumpy, peaceful, volatile, understanding, intolerant, accepting, judgmental, funny, silly, stern, loving, curvy, bony, connected, disconnected, caring, aloof, red & blue, all of YOU. 

Unique and precious being, you are worthy simply because you EXIST. What an ordinary miracle life is… we get to be whatever we choose to be, and we get to believe whatever we want to believe.

How awesome, all these infinite perspectives, and ways of living, because we really can have it all. Maybe not physically in front of you, but everything that has ever existed began as a thought… a spark of imagination. What do you envision for yourself, for this world you are co-creating with billions of other humans and countless other plants, animals, organisms & matter?

Imagine that you already have what you want, how do you feel? You can access that feeling, that essence that you are seeking, in any moment, NOW, regardless of the “reality” around you.

I was offered the opportunity to create a painting for the cover story of the Mariana’s Variety (local newspaper on Guam) Sunday edition. The cover story topic is bipolar disorder, and I thought for a while what I’d paint to compliment the story. I’ve never been diagnosed with bipolar, but I did spend a bit of time researching it when I thought I displayed many of the characteristics years ago. I can relate to the extreme highs and lows, though over the years I have found ways to use those extreme jumps on the spectrum to my advantage, and to accept that it was a part of my being to live that way. I also have found tools to help me stay on an even keel when I needed to experience more consistent stability. I am not proclaiming to be bipolar, only that I suspected it at one point in my life, and could relate to some of the common characteristics attributed to the disorder. I found that diagnosed or not, what mattered the most for me was to love and accept all of myself, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Still learning this every day, but I’ve come a long way in loving, accepting, and respecting ALL of my being.

Here is the painting, titled “All of Me,” to be published June 1st on the cover of the Mariana’s Variety:

All of Me