Bali was amazing, a travel dream come true!

Since I’ve been back from an epic vacation with friends to Bali, the first question I get is, “how was your trip?” I have started answering “lame” or something similar, because I got tired of repeating “amazing.” Who goes to Bali and has a lame experience? Not me! I guess it helps that I was with cool people. Traveling as a group can be challenging, but we were all pretty awesome, so it flowed well. Four of us came from Guam, traveled through Manila then to Bali. A couple people flew from California and Washington, and then we met some of Mo’s (who also had lived in Bali for awhile, and traveled there a lot) friends in Bali. Shoutout to Les, Adi, and Ketut for all their help and amazing company, and to Suan and his family for hosting us at their beautiful villa. We love you guys!

We treated ourselves to massages, great food, drink, and exploring. We stayed in a gorgeous 5 bedroom Bali-style villa in Kuta, then we drove up to North Bali, to Lovina, and into the mountain villages like Singaraja, and into Sekumpul, where we went to the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. So powerful. And healing. We also stayed in Kintamani, at Suan’s beautiful villa overlooking Mount Batur, an active volcano with hot springs surrounding. We visited the Batur temple there as well. It was incredible.

I’ll let the million photos to follow do the rest of the talking. (First few pics are from Guam, and then our stop in Manila).

img_2913 img_2914 img_2916 img_2917 img_2922 img_2926 img_2932 img_2935 img_2936 img_2948 img_2975 img_3001 img_3002 img_3003 img_3005 img_3008 img_3014 img_3036 img_3039 img_3040 img_3042 img_3043 img_3044 img_3045 img_3047 img_3048 img_3056 img_3070 img_3085 img_3105 img_3134 img_3135 img_3139 img_3188 img_3189 img_3192 img_3193 img_3194 img_3202 img_3206 img_3216

img_3233 img_3236 img_3251 img_3260

img_3300 img_3301 img_3305 img_3306 img_3308 img_3311 img_3312 img_3314 img_3329  img_3333 img_3342 img_3359

img_5928img_3363 img_3366 img_3367 img_3368 img_3369 img_3370 img_3371 img_3373 img_3374 img_3375 img_3376 img_3377 img_3382 img_3386 img_3387 img_3388 img_3389 img_3392 img_3397 img_3398 img_3399 img_3400 img_3401 img_3403 img_3404 img_3405


img_3414 img_3420 img_3421 img_3464 img_3792 img_5488 img_5489 img_5491 img_5495 img_5498 img_5550 img_5554 img_5555 img_5557 img_6554 img_6666

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