Creative Indeed Art Studio Renovations & Opening

Studio has been renovated over the last few months, and I had my soft opening at the beginning of October. The grand opening will be December 10th. Here are photos of the renovation process. All that is left to do is install the flooring, some window treatments, and some basic decor.

img_6010 img_6011 img_6012 img_6013 img_6014 img_6015 img_6016 img_6017 img_6018 img_6019 img_6020 img_6021 img_6022 img_6023 img_6024 img_6025 img_6026

img_0516 img_0943 img_0944 img_0947 img_0953 img_1441 img_1444 img_1445 img_1447 img_1651 img_1654 img_1657 img_1663 img_1665 img_1670 img_1702 img_1703 img_1705 img_1710 img_1714 img_1718 img_1787 img_1795 img_1814 img_1819 img_1821 img_1822 img_1827 img_1828 img_1829 img_1830 img_1881 img_1889 img_1895 img_1972 img_1973 img_1975 img_1996 img_1997 img_2009 img_2131 img_2143 img_2147 img_2148 img_2262 img_2265 img_2271 img_2279 img_2281 img_2282 img_2283 img_2298 img_2299 img_2369 img_2409 img_2438 img_2457 img_2469 img_2475 img_2476 img_2487 img_2492 img_2498 img_2499 img_2571 img_2574 img_2594 img_2598 img_2603 img_2606 img_2610 img_2623 img_2625 img_2654 img_2655 img_2656 img_2657 img_2668 img_2670 img_2824